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24 top quality hotel apartments

All our hotel apartments are in the first row of dunes, and standing on the top floor, you can enjoy the beautiful view over the North Sea.


Let your pulse rest while relaxing in the 50 m2 hotel apartments that are oozing of sunshine, beach life and and vacation.

The living room is decorated with a TV and the kitchen-dining room has a stove, oven, dishwasher and fridge/freezer installed. The bedroom is decorated with a queen size bed and there is another bed room with 2 single beds. Bath and toilet is devided into two rooms. Perfect for a quick getaway from your everyday life or for a not so quick getaway on a family vacation in Denmark.

From the lovely terrace or balcony, you can digest the impressions of the day whilst looking at the sunset over the North Sea.


Facilities and services included
  • One daily entrance to the water park
  • Unlimited daily entrance to the indoor play land
  • One daily entrance to wellness (age min. 16 years)
  • Free activities for children
  • Incl. water and electricity
  • Free parking
  • Free Wifi


✓ Kitchen-dining room with dining table and sofa arrangement

✓ Dishwasher

✓ Bath and toilet devided into 2 rooms

✓ Bedroom with a queen bed and bed room with 2 single beds

✓ Terrace or balcony 

✓ Ocean view from the 3rd floor


Wonderful wellness

Hvidbjerg Beach Hotel is a must-see destination, but not only due to its location, also due to the complete palette of interesting activities that collectively can give you and your fellow travellers the perfect holiday experience.


By the North Sea, a stone's throw away from Blaavand, Hvidbjerg Beach Hotel is situated. The beach hotel is designed with the purpose of creating perfect, calm and relaxing conditions for your vacation.

The rooms are decorated in a romantic style inspired by the classic seaside hotel. The architecture is designed to make the hotel blend in with the surrounding in a natural way.

The beach hotel consists of 24 gorgeous hotel apartments, spread over 3 levels. The top floor offers, besides luxury and minimalistic, calm lines, a spectacular view over the North Sea from the balcony.

The beach hotel is managed by the siplings, Lene and Steen Slaikjær, who owns the Holiday Resort called Hvidbjerg Strand, of which the beach hotel is a part of.


Relaxation and activities

Dive into a plenitude of experiences, activities and attractions, and get inspired for your next visit to Hvidbjerg Strand.

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Wonderful wellness at the North Sea